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사랑한형... <3 <3 <3

kyu - hyuk is gifted
kkkkk... kyuhyun who love to tease his hyung face actually admitted that hyukkie actually cuute n interesting people, even his ordinary face kkkk love it >o<
most interesting

im better than anybody right
Omoooo... i wonder.. kkk,,, he really suit the line :p to make sure hyukkie thinks the same kkkkkkkk :D

kyu fix hyuks mic
omoooo.. how i love when he take care of his hyung kkkkkk... its teuki beside him, but i bet, its kyu who know it right away n fix hyuk himself kkkkkkk kyaaaaaaaaaaaa ^@^

dont hit him hae
n how i love it when he just frowned when hae hit hyukkie hooooooohohohohohoho ^o^
thats right kyu... nobody should hit him expect u kkkkk :p


i take it from weekly idol... >u<
i loooooooove the way kyu staring at hyukkie picture more than necessary...
hyukkie's topless there... And loooks beauuuuutifull >0<
no wonder he cant take his eyes off of him :p
You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you
You'd be like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much
At long last love has arrived
And I thank God I'm alive
You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you

weekly idol1

Aaand... Kyuhyuuun... hellow... are u realize u r on a show??? kkkkk... waaay too obvious... Meee Likeeey >o<
Pardon the way that I stare
There's nothing else to compare
The sight of you leaves me weak
There are no words left to speak
So if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it's real
You're just too good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you

starin problem

I love you baby and if it's quite all right
I need you baby to warm the lonely nights
I love you baby, trust in me when I say
Oh pretty baby, don't bring me down I pray
Oh pretty baby, now that I've found you stay
And let me love you baby, let me love you


Kyuhyuk GIF made by me ^u^

aing~... who is this cuteeeey... >u<

n his hyung love to tease him kkkk... omoooo... white milky skin cutey kyaaa~ >0<

n its from WGM when a handsome magne CONFESSSSS his feeling to the world kyaaaang~ >O<

ohooo... n again,,, i love how he attach his hand to a certain waist... omooooo >0<
wgm waist

kkkk its like the he want to share his lips activity to certain cutey there,,, kkkk not only let hyukkie drink with his lips touch Kyu's bottle -which he forbid the other to do so- but this too... eheeey... kyuuu~
AND!! why he think on put on the lipbalm THIS way, n the way he put his lips like that... towards hyukkiie... eheeeyyyy... what are you thinking kyuuuuu~ kkkkk love iiiiiit >o<
put lipbalm

i gotta go, i'll update it again from weekly idol... kkkk,,, i love the way he glance,,,glance,,, and glance to hyukkie picture during editing profile... when he just barely spare a glance to teuki, his, and even no glance to ryeowook's.... its cuuuute... when the other glance elsewhere n he still look at it until the milk arrives kkkkk XD
_Eng Sub_ Super Junior Weekly Idol Part 1_2 Ep 2 - YouTube[10-38-31]

kkkkk... those haaand....just love to rest on someone waist,,, trap it securely kkkkk...do it often n i don't mind kkkkkkkkkk >///



I just saw the old show... old fancaaaam... n i looking through kyu's behaviour...
in every skinship he did with the member... it always (most of the time) the member who approach him first, but in his interaction with hyukkie, it always n mostly he approach him first kkkkkkkk... oh my heart <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

n if kyu did something to him he always shy, cant help to look at kyu's eyes omooooooooooo >w< like in my last post, when kyu sang "Nae maeum dahae saranghaneun noreul...noreul.." omooooo.... just like my previous post, i LOOOOVE the way Kyu look at Hyuk >u< sooooooooo romantic *u*
n the way kyu whisper something, the way kyu look at hyukkie >u< Aaaaah.... i'll post the video if i found the link... its all stored in my harddrive by the name of 'videoplayback' kkkkkkkkkkkk :p

oh, this video >x<.....
i'm so sorry to sungmin actually, when he approach kyuhyuk, kyu just ignore him, not even sparing glance at him o.m.g kyuuuu >u< Kyu just continue his blabbering to hyukkie... Aaaand!!! Kyu look intently to hyuk lips aaaand suddenly he wipe the corner of his mouth >u< hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >u< n agaaain... hyukkie's embarrassed >u< dancing his shy away... n during all of this, kyu just ignore sungmin kkkkk omo... i'm sorry... this is one of the reason i don't like a 'certain' pairing :p

Here again...eheeyy,, kyuuu,,, touchy touchy kyuuu... Aish, kyu who rarely do skinship whyyy love touching hyukkie XD omooo XD

0:09 - 00:30 Kyuuuu >u< do u have hug him that tiiiiiiiiiight >O< Kyaaaaa >u<

ouwww... infamous kyuhyun's back hug >u< whaaa... he seems reluctant to release hyukkie for interview kkkkkk... patient kyuuu... u can hug him later in the dorm as always kkkkkk XD


in Radio star, member said that kyu always bring water wherever he go n kyu dont like if someone ask his drink, aaaand if he allowed them to, he strickly told them not to touch the bottle with their lips..
kyu water

buuut... !!!

이게뭐야??? (>O<)

Kyuu.. save your tongue to yourself >u<

aish.. i'm just posting my beloved n ultimate bias here omoooo >u<
love theeeem >x



In the past weeks after the 'thing' i feels like hyuk been distance himself from Kyu, n i feel it more in last MAMA performance... in the red carpet i've been so shock that hyuk stood far away like that, n when kyu tried to speak to him his reply just so so.. kyu even do skinship during best line award but he just ignore it like that... omooo,, why hyukkie?? is it why kyu seems so not excited in some occasions in MAMA back there? is it why he seems so clingy to donghae lately?? why hyuuuuukkkkiiiiiiiieeee >n<
me n my friend discussed it n it reeeally worth to b a FF kkkk oneshot ff, but we cant wriiiiiiiite TT_______TT

Me n my pet Riku

ddangkoma copy
its my turtle Riku... i bought him when he was just 3cm long n now,,, he's already 25cm at least...
i love him soooo much... n it ddangkoma, i love how adorable Yesung oppa when talk about his pets :p


its my friend's cat actually,,, his name is Tokimochi but we called hi Toki ... what a cutey... :D
n the way he sleeeeeeeeeeeps >w<
he just sprawl out in the floor.. rolling here n there n just sleep wherever he landed kawaaaiiiiiiii >o<

n its me n Riku n the one with a hat is Zaa, my cousin, n i'm the one with the veil :p

kyuhyun singing time 4 hyukkie

Do it right. You’re really a bad boy, only having curiosity rather than love.
Because of you, I’ve been fooled the entire time.
You’re no fun, you have no manners. You’re a devil, devil you are.

kkkkkk... perhaps bcoz hyukkie's playboy kkkkkk... innocent looking playboy that kyu feels fooled the entire time kkkk

aah.. n this is during listen to you bridge part which goes:
"I went through the night, and another night, and another night
My memories are getting blurred
But you always stay in my heart and in my smiling eyes
You’re the one forever~"

n this one too: *my favorite >o<*

the best part:
- when kyu pat hyukkie's hair >o<
- when he sang 'Nae maeum dahae saranghaneun neoreul, noreul...' *in my heart, i always love you, you...* kyaaaa >o<
n i love how hyukkie cant bear to see kyu's eyes when kyu lean on hiiiim... kyaaaaa >o<
i love the way kyu look at hyukkie >u<
i wonder how many times he did stated his heart to hyukkie, n hyukkie just...smile it away...kkkkk too shy hyukkiiie >o< ??? kkkkkkk loveeeee it anyway >o



its just the tittle of the kyuhyuk story that appear in my head...
but i cant actually write it down TuT
but most of it rather angsty :p
i love angsty ff with happy ending :p

n must i say it again??
i only ship kyuhyuk, so its all kyuhyuk,
for SIDE PAIRING i love WOnhyuk, Yehyuk, MinHyuk,kkk i tolerate anyoneHyuk but no-oneKyu :p
oh except YeKyu :D i just love yesung with both of hyuk or kyu :p so adorable... when he talk about his turtle in strong heart kkkkkk so sweeeeet :p

1. 2 personality/shadow from the past story:
- The Shadow = kyuhyun version

- The dark side = Hyukkie version
my dark side

2. Forced Marriage, rated M, include rape n MPreg :p
the story which kyu n hyuk is a classmate n hyuk hate kyu so much in rivalry way. Kyu the Mr. Perfect,with full power,With a lot of women ogling 4 him, just has the eyes for that certain monkey. Until JiEun come in between, the woman hyuk love so much had trouble with the Mr. Perfect n if hyuk want jieun out of her trouble, he must do 'certain thing' n thats include marrying the certain Cho Heir in the end of his college time. But the ever so jealous kyu force hyuk 2 marry him after just rape him, but hyuk manage to run away from kyu in their supposed to b honeymoon,with unbornbaby inside him. time skip n kyu who in rage to find hyuk had successfully spread Cho company allover the world n manage to find hyukkie (with his son , later on) who currently working at his newly open branch. put 1 n 2 together after bickering here n there... aaand finally Kyu get to have hyukkie heart.

Aaah... i think if some one will make it as a real story it will be a loooooong chaptered fics kkkkk :p



i'm glad to see u smile like that babe... hope u'll strong enough to face the future....